This past week I’ve been totally on the road meeting with new clients. I finally have had time to review comments and information from our company meeting which included transcripts we have from our client panel discussion.

This quote from Doug Griffin, president of New Solutions Consulting Group, stood out:

“What Beck Ag brings is a group of people that understand the business and can relate to farmers. They have done it over and over and over again. That’s one of the intangibles that other companies struggle with. There are a lot of research companies. There are a lot of people who can talk to customers – but there are not many who can talk with them intelligently and understand their business. And that’s what customers appreciate.”  



That “understanding” resonates with me. That understanding becomes so powerful in how we work with our clients to know what they need, what the market needs, and then develop Go-To-Market Strategies that accelerate buying behaviors, increase use and set expectations. That “understanding” leads to strategy that is focused, executable, measurable and provides a return on time and investment.

That “understanding” when put to use creates a differential advantage. That “understanding” is time we choose to invest in connecting with the marketplace and also learning about what is impacting business results today and what producers are thinking for the future.

As a marketer – the strategy we create is only as good as the true understanding we have and understanding is only real when connections are made, experiences exchanged and relationships formed.


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