The Lure of Content

What’s so compelling about content marketing? It seems to be all the buzz these days. Google “content marketing” and you come up with 359 million results. Today.

I think much of the lure has to do with the social channels where we consume this content. The package is new and different and that makes it sexy to the marketer. New channels are arriving all the time.

Research shows that the part of content that makes it work has to do with the “voice”.  

Research shows that “expert content that comes from a third party is the most effective source of information in impacting consumers throughout the purchase process.

We’ve known this for a while. The trusted expert is at the core of the programs we deliver.

Here are some important nuggets from this Nielsen research:

  • Expert content provided a strong lift in all three areas of the purchase cycle: familiarity, affinity and purchase consideration.
  • Expert content was most effective at influencing high price point purchases ($1,000+).
  • Expert content was most effective at driving final purchase consideration.
  • The higher the price point, the more efficient expert content was in educating and persuading consumers.

When we work with our clients, most every time we’re building facilitated conversations for them, we’re connecting these three groups of people:

  1. Their target audience
  2. Third party experts
  3. Peers within the audience who have experience with the product

What’s changed in marketing today is the access that consumers have to information. The hardest part of the equation for the consumer is finding information that’s credible.

“The ability to easily access information from a variety of sources has fundamentally changed the way consumers research products and, ultimately, make purchase decisions.”

Your challenge as a marketer is finding and aligning with those experts. That takes experience, a network and trust. It takes time.

Consider leveraging our experience, our network and the relationships that we have created within the agricultural industry to help you with the process. Additionally we have a group of experienced ag writers in our arsenal. If you’re looking for some help in building your expert content, reach out to us at or call 866-375-4390.

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