The Gift of Connection

The holidays get crazy. Mine are no exception. Even though I’ve pared back on some of the things I felt I had to do when I had younger kids, it still seems as though there’s plenty on my list. My daughters are home from college for break. They bring with them their laundry and their agendas. And while they are quite self-sufficient these days, they also bring something of a to-do list for mom. My son’s to-do list seems to grow exponentially with the distractions of his sisters being home and when there isn’t the routine of school.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed with getting things done at work and at home, it’s the perfect time to just take a five minute break and think about what’s important. To me, connection is key. While deadlines are looming, I’m going to make some time to re-connect with each of my daughters. It’s complicated, because they are still of the age that it needs to happen on their time. I look for opportunities – and I’m amazed as my daughters are maturing how much they are now teaching me when we truly connect.

I’m pleased to be part of an organization where our mission is to help those in our industry connect and learn from each other ways to improve your business results. During this holiday season though, we hope you take the time to connect with those most important to you. As the calendar turns to 2014, we hope to be connecting you again with those you can learn from.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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