Do we really take the time to be thankful? Do we take time to act on Thanksgiving week and at other times during the year to tell others how much we appreciate them and their contributions to our lives? Do we really communicate our appreciation?

Given the opportunity to be involved in the agriculture industry, there is so much to appreciate. I was lucky to be born the daughter of an Iowa farm couple. I learned the meaning and rewards of work. I’m thankful to be involved in an industry that works to feed the world. I’m also thankful to everyone who makes up Beck Ag – our clients, the agriculture professionals who are their customers and everyone who is involved with Beck Ag, helping to share experiences that impact the business results of those who join the conversation.

A key part of being thankful is understanding the blessings that we’ve been given and reflecting on those less fortunate. This year, as you push back from the table, remember that there are so many in this world who won’t see the bounty that we experience. Howard Buffett, an advocate for feeding the hungry, talks about just how lucky we are to be born in the US. But even here, we find hunger. The USDA reports that 14.5% of US households are food insecure. One in ten US households contains a hungry child. Food insecurity has a range of definitions. It can mean people can’t afford healthy food. They’re worried about the food running out before the week runs out…with no money for more. And in the worst cases, some go a day or more without eating anything.

This Thanksgiving I’d like to challenge you to join an industry initiative to remember these 14.5%. Be thankful that you can contribute and join others in donating to your local food pantry. Join #FoodThanks this holiday season by pledging to donate food to your local food bank! Visit FoodThanks for more info. Donate a bag and get a bag!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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