Return on Time

A key business result we don’t often think about or measure is our own Return on Time. We focus on Return on Investment (ROI) but how often do we think about our Return on Time (ROT)? Maybe you’ve looked at this from the perspective of hiring help. Doing the books takes a lot of your time, and it’s not your favorite thing to do, and you’re not very good at it. So you’ve hired someone to manage that for you, or delegated it. But what about when it comes to making the important decisions on your farm or in your business? That’s harder to delegate, because it’s essentially about learning.

Experience Sharing helps to accelerate our understanding, learning and validation of what works and what doesn’t. Beck Ag has led the industry in facilitating discussions using today’s technology so you can make decisions with information from the best resources you have – your peers, industry experts, and in some cases, your customers. You can make decisions with more confidence, more information and in less time.

We help facilitate Experience Sharing in two key ways:

Voice-to-Voice: Using virtual technologies, Beck Ag hosts a number of discussions connecting agriculture professionals (growers, producers, retailers, veterinarians, ranchers, suppliers and distributors) with peers and industry experts. These focused discussions can lead to decisions to change, try and further evaluate solutions. These discussions are no more than an hour and are packed full of information. You can learn from someone who has already been down that road. Or something tried by someone else might spur a new idea for you. You’ll get real world experiences and demonstrated ROI from another business person like you. The Return on Time of this investment can often be measured in a lot of sound information gathered in a short amount of time. That information applied then leads to decisions that result in real savings and increased production from those who join the conversation.

Online Conversations: BeckAgConnects is a private community only for those involved in the agriculture industry. Connecting in conversations with peers and industry experts online and sharing the experiences helps quickly match people to solutions. Join us online for quick responses, depth of information and a connection that will give you answers from those you trust most. You can make better decisions faster and experience a strong Return on Time.

Our clients experience significant Return on Time with each interaction. The Beck Ag Team is filled with expertise and industry knowledge. We help our clients develop the opportunities to connect with their customers and provide the forums where experience sharing can best take place. Beck Ag is committed to turn-key support of all of our clients who engage in Experience Sharing opportunities.

If you aren’t using Beck Ag and our opportunities to connect and join in a conversation to help you maximize your return on time (ROT), give us a call. We can also help you impact your ROI as a result.

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