Last week we talked about some of the measuring that we’ve done concerning the use of BeckAgConnects and conversations we’ve had with our clients to understand how we impact their business. We’re not done measuring.

Each year we take a look back at the depth and breadth of our year, to understand the impact that we’re making – from our own perspective. This research project grows as we impact more and more ag professionals with our learning opportunities. Over the past four years we interviewed 5,709 people. A little over half of them had participated in our discussions. We wanted to understand the impact that we have on their adoption – compared to a control group who did not participate.

What did we learn?

People remember. Eighty-seven percent of participants to one of our Experience Exchange Panel discussions recalled the experience.

  • 56% appreciated the opportunity for general learning and information.
  • 29% liked hearing from peers and other experts.
  • 19% valued the opportunity to learn about that particular topic.

Acceleration of Adoption

Spanning the last four years of Experience Exchange Panel discussions, on average, target customers who are not participating in one of our events tended to adopt a particular product at a rate of 17%.

When target customers did participate, their adoption rate increased by 41%. Now think about the marketing initiatives that you have tried. Did they provide this kind of measurable boost at purchase?

When asked how participation in the discussion impacted their decision to use a product, 67% suggested it had a moderate to substantial impact on their decision.

In fact, on an unaided basis, when participants were asked what influenced them THE MOST to use a particular product that year, 8% said it was participation in the Beck Ag marketing initiative. That’s a chunk, when you consider that this answer was going up against their own personal experience with the product, influencers like consultants, and other peers. The mentions for advertising and/or direct mail were much lower at just 2%.

On an aided basis, using a scale of 1-7 information learned from a Beck Ag AgTelePanel rated 4.6 in terms of influence for purchase, the exact same rating as key influencers, like consultants or retailers.

Riffle Effect

After participating in one of our events, the learning multiplied as those who attended brought it to others. Sixty-nine percent of attendees reported sharing information they learned with others. We followed the information to:

  • Peers: 54%
  • Suppliers: 30%
  • Consultants/Partners/Family Members: 51%


The impact doesn’t tend to stop with year one. When asked if the participants plan to use the product a second year after participating with us, 55% said yes. That number turns out to be 41% higher compared to those who were not part of our events. So this marketing tool has staying power.

Solid Leads

One of the things that we do at the end of each call is ask participants if they would like the company to follow up with them about this product. This research shows that 23% of people remembered raising their hands for a follow up at the end of the call. And when that happens, we pass those leads into you.

If you like our numbers, and are interested in seeing how we can impact yours, drop me a note at or call me at 866-375-4390.

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