You know what’s expected of the marketing plan that you’re working on now. Your company wants success. It wants more customers, better sales. The metrics that you have to meet are likely well defined for you. Your job is to come up with strategies and tactics to deliver those results. And to do that, you look for partners to help you deliver.

We know.

We do lots of measuring of our own. Measuring, surveying, asking questions, evaluating our activities.

Recently we did some evaluating of This is our online community for agriculture. We wanted to know how well we were doing in providing the place for agriculture people to interact in private and the content to promote learning. Here’s what we found out.

The majority of those who use our site find the information that we post to be useful for their business. When I say majority, I’m talking 88%. That’s a solid majority. And we had some great participation in our survey as well: 1,089 people responded in one week.

  • 84% of the respondents find the convenience of e-mails from the site to be valuable.
  • 77% read those e-mails at least once a week.
  • 76% say they’re likely to recommend BeckAgConnects to peers.

The survey also provided some suggestions for enhancements we can make to the site to provide an even better place for agricultural folks to connect online.

We did another kind of research recently. We invited three of our clients on a tele-panel for our staff, to give everyone a better understanding of the total picture in how we help clients. Each of us plays our role in the process, but I feel it’s helpful to see where we fit into the big picture for the client. Here are some interesting things that our clients shared:

  • “Even in a tough market – trying to reach those producers that our sales reps have a hard time reaching – Beck Ag brought us a 4-to-1 return on investment.”
  • “Beck Ag offers the opportunity for us to reach producers with information, on their time. The information comes bite-sized and from credible third-party experts.”
  • “There’s so much noise and complexity in our market that it’s important to create something memorable. Beck Ag helps us create memorable content using unbiased sources. That creates value and has staying power in our market sector.”
  • “Beck Ag is more about education and creating value and those memorable experiences help improve our brand.”
  • “We have used Beck Ag to connect with over 20,000 different people over the years. And surveys from those connections indicate a 97% satisfaction level with the interaction. We hope that influences our company’s Net Promoter Score.”
  • “We did a test with some potential customers being invited on the calls and some not participating and then measured the business close rate. Those on the call had a 50% higher close rate for our business than those who did not participate.”
  • “The relationships that Beck Ag has in the industry create an ease of implementation for these projects and a confidence that we’ll be able to reach out to the right people at the right time. Knowing Beck Ag has the database and understands the various levels of “customer” gives us the confidence to rely on them to point us in the right direction with this strategy to grow our business.”
  • “The credibility that Beck Ag has in the industry …we’ve benefitted from borrowing some of that confidence.”

Good continuous measurement is a critical part of business – and something that we provide with every project. We want you to know what return on investment you’re getting from working with us. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you with experience sharing marketing, drop me a note at or call 866-375-4390.

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