Marketing Analytics & Insight

Improve customer acquisition effectiveness and reduce customer churn through predictive analytics and leverage commercial insights to disrupt buyers’ purchase paths to drive a higher return on sales and marketing strategies.


Improving Your Performance

Do your customer analytics lead to actionable insights that give you a competitive advantage?

Data-driven organizations not only make better strategic decisions, but also enjoy high operational efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and higher levels of profit. Yet, most companies rely on historical macro trends to project future success, not fully recognizing the power of the data in hand.

Poor Execution Results

Symptoms of Poor Execution

Many stakeholders but no clear owner

Analysis tends to be backward looking

Unclear what actions should be taken

Lack of new insights on a frequent enough basis

Not collecting the right data

Sales and marketing strategy not supported by data strategy

Costs of Poor Execution

Low return on Investment for sales and marketing

Inability to keep pace with competitors

Inability to disrupt and influence customers’ buying paths

Foregone revenues / missed opportunities

Higher customer churn

Beck Ag - Working together

Delivering Value

Partnering with Beck Ag

Marketing Analytics & Insights maximizes your Sales and Marketing efficiency and effectiveness through accurate and actionable insights that support customer targeting, tailored offers and personalized messaging. Beck Ag partners with clients to:

  • Introduce predictive analytics alongside existing descriptive KPIs, to lead to decisive actions
  • Introduce actionable dashboards that reinforce performance culture
  • Begin integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence to create smart systems for continuous learning
  • Map the customer journey to identify key drivers for the business

Beck Ag’s Approach to Mapping the Customer Journey

Beck Ag Experiences

How Beck Ag Delivers Results through Marketing Analytics and Insights

Below are three examples of initiatives Beck Ag has partnered with clients on to lead and implement:



Applied Analytics

Change the data utilization and application approach for a client by establishing an analytics baseline tracked over time through a custom dashboard, resulting in a more rigorous and strategic approach to marketing that drives untapped sales potential.


Retain Customers

Identify likely-to-lapse customers early in their life cycle to develop targeted programs for retention, enabling reduced year over year customer loss and improved customer loyalty metrics.


Understand Journey

Track and determine the impactful events along the customer journey to adapt the customer experience based on data, leading to a shift in how resources are allocated to drive new sales.