Looking for More of the Best

It’s true. We’re looking for the best talent in the industry to join us!

We’re a company that has been built on providing the best for our clients and their customers. It happens naturally. Many of us have been the client before and we are all passionate about being a part of an industry that feeds the world. We help farmers and other agriculture professionals do that by providing learning opportunities from the real experiences of their peers.

It takes different talents to make sure we are able to exceed our clients’ goals while building relationships, earning trust and delivering value to our clients’ customers. Beck Ag is looking for talent that can:

Talk with the Market Place: Our market contact specialists: engage with farmers and other agricultural production professionals on a daily basis in all segments of agriculture about opportunities available for them to learn from industry experts and their peers about new technologies, products and services.

Take Strategy to Action: Our implementation leaders: are detail people who are good communicators and motivators of others. They are forward looking, setting up schedules, anticipating and planning around challenges, and keeping the team moving in the right direction to ultimately impact the business results for our clients and their customers.

Facilitate a Dialogue: Our moderators: are the people who deliver the crescendo of the Beck Ag experience. The moderator guides a conversation to help everyone learn. We’re looking for people who are articulate, friendly and genuine and can think on their feet while keeping the conversation on track.

We have a lot of talented people with diverse experience. And we’re at a place in our business where we need more. People who work for us now tend to be those with a fair amount of Ag industry experience. We are a virtual organization, which allows us to have some of the best talent our industry provides while providing the perks of a real job….done from home.

If you think this is something you might want to explore, drop us a note at info@beckag.com.

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