Just-In-Time Learning

Are you providing the learning solutions and opportunities when and where it’s needed?

With continuous changes in our industry it is imperative that our teams continue to have the appropriate knowledge, training and skills. Keeping not only your sales team, but ultimately your customers, armed with the most up-to-date knowledge, when and where they need it can be challenging.

Jon Younger writes in his article, How Learning and Development Are Becoming More Agile for Harvard Business Review;

“…training is going to have to be just as agile as the workforce (marketplace) — where speed, flexibility, and innovation are key. It means that more learning will happen in teams, and on platforms where training can be delivered anytime, any place, at the user’s convenience.” (Younger, J (2016, October 11. How Learning and Development Are Becoming More Agile, Harvard Business Review. Retrieve from: https://hbr.org/2016/10/how-learning-and-development-are-becoming-more-agile)

How do we ensure retention during these just-in-time learning opportunities?

As referenced in Forbes’ article, “Why Workplace Learning Fails, And Why It’s Time to Ban The Fire Hose”

“… learning professional(s) will tell you that sales and leadership training need to be processes, not events… organizations need to create a path to mastery, and accompany people down that path.” (Meyer, S.J. (2014, July 1). Why Workplace Learning Fails, And Why It’s Time to Ban the Fire Hose, Forbes. Retrieved from: https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevemeyer/2014/07/01/why-workplace-learning-fails-and-why-its-time-to-ban-the-fire-hose/2/#517fe5d3d978)

Carol Timke, VP of Go-to-Market Solutions for Beck Ag agrees, “As we work with our clients we believe that just-in-time learning is important, but it needs to be considered as a part of a complete learning and development solution to increase retention and productivity.” Carol brings 20+ years of experience leading teams in learning and development and shares that just-in-time learning needs to be approached as part of the journey, not a one-time occurrence.

Making training stick throughout the learning process


The learning process doesn’t stop with the internal workplace.

Carol explains, “Once your sales team is prepared, the next step is applying this learning and development process to educate your customers. It’s essential that your Go-To-Market strategy includes just-in-time learning for the customer as well.”

It’s important to take a holistic approach when designing your learning strategy, considering not only providing the tools at the time and place they are needed but also incorporating an entire learning process to reinforce understanding and retention.

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