It’s Time to Start Talking

Harvest is done. Supply is starting to balance demand and commodity prices are a bit different than they were just a year ago. Weed management is now the norm and we are back to really evaluating every decision for the potential return. The swine industry is struggling with new diseases, the dairy industry has labor issues and the farm bill to contend with, and our beef producers are still working through the impact of three generations of loss in the Dakotas.

It’s time to start talking.

According to research done at Purdue, farmers value the opinions of other farmers when it comes to understanding what solutions and management practices are really working. Peers were in the top tier, along with third party consultants and retailers and/or veterinarians.

As we start to lean into these times, learning from each other can mean the difference between an extra $5 per acre, more cwt of milk produced per day, or a chance to get one more pig weaned per sow per year. It’s time to start looking for places to connect, both formally and informally.

We would invite all of the industry’s Agriculture Professionals to talk with each other and share your experiences on BeckAgConnects – or give us a call and learn about the topics we are discussing in virtual forums connecting growers, producers, retailers, veterinarians, ranchers and distributors in solution focused discussions often sponsored by our clients.

It’s time to focus on the future and plan for it, learn from others’ best practices and decide what will work best for you. It’s time to start talking. If you’ve never joined a Beck Ag Conversation, it’s time.

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