Happy Birthday Beck Ag


Beck Ag celebrates its 20-year anniversary in 2017. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only about 20 percent of all companies make it to their 20th birthday, so we’re proud to have made it this far. While the company has a support office in Wayne, Nebraska most of the 120 team members are virtual.




“We’ve been working virtually since day one,” said Stephanie Liska, CEO of Beck Ag. “We made a decision early on that we didn’t want location to hinder our ability to get the best talent and experience, and we continue to have team members spanning from coast to coast.”

Another thing that hasn’t changed at Beck Ag since 1997 is our mission, which is to improve the business results for our clients and their customers.

“We are doing what we love, thanks to our clients. Our successful relationship with long-term clients has helped their businesses, and they have helped us grow both in scale and in our capabilities over the years. We now have the ability to facilitate strategy and planning, develop and execute a comprehensive Go-To-Market strategy, and we can support all of this with our state of the art database abilities and AGIQ® analytics. A comprehensive strategy can now include competencies that Beck Ag delivers in market research, learning and development, and ultimately sales and marketing strategies that accelerate demand and change behavior in the market,“ said Liska.

“Our roots are planted solidly in experience-sharing, which uses the power of peer influence; sharing the knowledge and solutions with those who have had real-life experiences. We know that the foundation of a successful Go-To-Market strategy is knowing your customer, leveraging their experiences, and targeting the right prospects,” Liska continued.

“We’re excited about the opportunities and our relationships with thousands of ag professionals and how we can extend our client’s abilities in the next 20 years to connect with and learn from their customers while growing their business results,” said Liska.