Goal: Behavior Change

Marketing is a journey, from awareness to familiarity to intrigue. Those typically happen before you get to the point where a potential customer wants to know more….before they investigate, consider and decide.

There are so many things that can be done from a marketing perspective to walk through those steps with someone. Many of those options take a lot of people time and money from a marketing staff and a sales staff.





We’ve learned that one key element in that big step going from consideration to decision is the chance for the prospect to engage with someone they trust, someone like them, someone who has been down their road and understands their business.




When this is done, there’s a chance to shrink the amount of time needed to make a decision, and possibly the amount of staff time to reel in the sale. Ultimately, in that green space in the chart above, what’s happening is a behavior change. And that’s what’s required for a person to go from prospect to customer.

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