Feeding the Farmers Who Feed the World

National Ag Day. This is the day as an organization we get to reflect on our piece of the agriculture puzzle….and celebrate it! Agriculture professionals, farmers, veterinarians, producers, ranchers, retailers and many others all do their part to feed the world. And we are proud to help them with information and a forum to share experiences, to learn, to connect and grow. In essence, we feed them…..information.

This past winter we talked with more than 50,000 growers, retailers, livestock producers, you name it – we helped them get ready for the next season. We connected them with experts and others dealing with the same issues they do and shared solutions. We helped them learn from each other and make decisions that will impact their business results.

Farmers enjoy connecting and learning, no different from the rest of us.

The average farmer has 40 seasons to produce a crop, raise livestock and contribute their part in feeding and clothing the world. One day a year we get to celebrate AgDay and we get to understand our role in facilitating conversations that help Agriculture Professionals across the industry make better decisions for their business and for the food, fiber and fuel they produce.

Part of Agriculture’s story is well told in a movie that’s coming out in April, Farmland. Be sure to see it, and to celebrate agriculture with us.


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