Data Enablement Services

End-to-end management of transactional and marketing data – including the CompassXQ Master Data Management platform and rebates calculated in real-time – that creates organizational assets and improves customer satisfaction.

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Improving Your Performance

Do you leverage your customer data to grow your business?

Companies struggle to manage and deploy their data in ways that create value. Too often data sits in separate departments, is poorly unified, and utilized inconsistently to make decisions.

Poor Execution Results

Symptoms of Poor Execution

Inability to execute cohesive touchpoint strategy ​

Failure to achieve data driven decision-making​

Lack of process adoption by team​

Duplicated or inconsistent offers to customers

Costs of Poor Execution

Lost revenue and market share opportunities​

Higher operating costs

Wasted marketing budget ​

Emotional cost of frustration (internally and in the market)

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Delivering Value

Partnering with Beck Ag

Date Enablement Services turns your customer data into an enterprise asset that can be strategically leveraged in the market to grow your business. Beck Ag partners with clients to:

  • Develop single customer point of views for the organization through profile unification​ and enhancements through AG IQ®
  • Proactively create and assess programs that generate value for you and your customers​
  • Deploy best-in-class fulfillment approaches that enhance the ​customer experience​

Beck Ag’s Approach to Managing Data

Beck Ag Experiences

How Beck Ag Delivers Results through Data Enablement Services

Below are three examples of initiatives Beck Ag has partnered with clients on to lead and implement:



Improving Data

Provide comprehensive master data management to improve and enrich data quality on an ongoing basis, resulting in significant data-driven insights that allowed for greater customer intimacy (now and in the future).


Maximizing Programs

Gather market data, assess program options, and distribute program rewards to the channel and producers, leading to accurate and timely payments that aligned with anticipated budgets.


Custom Offers

Deploy a predictive-based approach for customized rebate programs based on customer and market factors, enabling sales teams to create unique programs for target customers and maximize the return on investment for the entire rebate program.