Chaos = Opportunity

There’s nothing guaranteed, as we have learned this past month when massive storms have gone through the Midwest. Uncertainty is a part of the game in Agriculture.

We saw fields turn to this. Days later growers were enacting their contingency plans, consulting with their partners, verifying their plans, and often replanting.

In this industry it’s important for all of us to be ready with a contingency plan when what’s supposed to happen takes a 180. It’s highly possible that your marketing and sales plans will no longer fit the situation.

What’s the conversation now? What are the marketing messages? What should our field people focus on? These are all questions we get asked as a key partner helping to identify opportunity during chaos.

And maybe the curve ball isn’t weather. That’s just one of the possibilities. Maybe the competition caught you off guard with a sudden attack on your product. Maybe the markets really turned things in a way you didn’t expect. Sometimes personnel changes in our companies put us in an uncomfortable place with the customer. The unexpected is going to happen. Put contingencies in your marketing plan. These allow you to evaluate risk and maximize opportunities in a pro-active vs. reactive way.

If A happens, then we do this.

What if B happens? Talk about it ahead of time. It brings a kind of continuity that can make you the stable player in the market, the rock that farmers rely on through all sorts of situations.

Think about how you can have that just in time conversation with your customers and prospects when they’re dealing with this kind of adversity. Sometimes staying in touch with the customers, rather than hiding out, presents your company with new opportunities that you may not have thought about.


Sun-Tzu was a Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher and long before we were worried about marketing plans, he said this: “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

And, in the midst of chaos, we work with you to quickly have the right conversations in the marketplace. We help you to listen to your customer base and identify opportunities.

I’m hoping Mother Nature will not cause quite as much chaos the rest of the growing season. If you are working your contingency plans today, we’ve got some ideas about how to listen to the marketplace and have those just in time conversations with your customers and prospects.

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