Changing Minds and Taking Names

How do you know that your marketing plan has done its job? There are all sorts of things to measure.

As business gets more competitive, ultimately, demands from senior management are going to include measuring what is most likely to turn a prospect into a customer.

How do you know that what you’re doing is changing a prospect into a customer?

Advanced technology allows us to know when someone comes to our web site and even what they read once they get there. But often we don’t know the mindset of the prospect unless we ask.

What are you doing to change minds?

We’ve figured out that people like to learn from someone like them. This is the case in ag advocacy, and the reason why it’s helpful to have farmers out there talking about their farms to those who have questions about the food supply. When consumers can see that farmers are mostly like them (they have families, they care about the environment, they eat), then it’s easier to move the conversation forward.

This is also the case when it comes to those in agriculture learning about new products and technologies. If they can learn from another farmer, another veterinarian, another custom applicator – they are more likely to trust and to try.

This is the basis of much of the work we do at Beck Ag. If you’d like to learn more, call us at 866-375-4390, or send a quick note to


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