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Do you have the right mix of organizational learning strategy? And does micro-learning make sense for your team?

A recent Beck Ag study of around 365 ag professionals shared that respondents were generally neutral on the type of training they preferred with a trend toward virtual.



“In working with my clients, we have found it is important to have a blended offering when it comes to training. Our work and research supports that the most success occurs when there is a mix of virtual, classroom and e-learning opportunities,” said Jay Kelley, VP of Go-to-Market Strategy for Beck Ag.

What should a mix look like? Here are some areas or key elements:



Jay also shared that, “Our work is finding that the use of the relatively new idea of “micro-learning” capabilities is increasing the impact of other training methods.”

Mirco-learning is a bite-sized, 4-6 minute video that is focused on one learning outcome. It allows the audience to master one skill or concept before moving on to the next.

“Micro-learning videos are a great way to get to your targeted audience and to reinforce key learnings. In today’s fast-paced environment, our clients find this as an effective tool in the tool-kit to keep their teams and customers up-to-date on their product and service messages.”

“It was a very good training with good information that I can actually use. It offered great engagement through an interactive course.”

– Sales Participant from Grand Island, NE

One of the best training I have been to in over 30 years of sales training.”

– Sales Participant from Mankato, MN

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